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Why you should take your driving lessons with Andy Woodgate Driving School

Taking you from complete beginner to test standard and beyond

The starting point for this hourly paid course depends on what previous driving experience the pupil has had as each pupil learns at a different pace.

During the course of your driving lessons with me, you will be taught defensive driving techniques. The full course from beginner to test to a test ready competent driver are listed below :


• Cockpit drill / controls and safety procedure before starting the engine
• Preparation and observation routine before moving off. (POM)
• Mirror signal manoeuvre (MSM) and use of mirrors In general
• Moving off and stopping
• Accurate steering
• Road positioning
• Use of accelerator, brake and clutch pedals.
• Turning left and right
• Emerging left and right
• Speed on approach to junctions
• Observation at junctions
• Hill start (up and downhill)
• Emergency stop


• Crossroads/traffic lights
• Roundabouts
• Planning and awareness
• Meeting traffic in narrow roads
• Pedestrian crossings
• Understanding and using signals
• Overtaking
• Pull up on right and reverse
• Turn in the road
• Parallel park
• Forward and revers bay park

Test standard

• Rural driving
• Test routes
• Mock tests

Taster lesson
2 hour lesson

Get a taste of how your lessons will be conducted so you can book with confidence

No obligation to take further lessons

Drivers with little or no experience only
2 hour lesson
10 hours
Special intro offer for new drivers
20 hours

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Get on the road to your licence with Andy Woodgate Driver Training
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